Instant Valuation



No such thing as a free lunch?


You may have heard this expression?


By getting something free, the inference is always that there will be some sort of payment further down the line.


You see it all the time too, online: a free e-guide, free download, free voucher, but there's often a catch, albeit a small one. 



You may have to commit sharing bank details for that free 30 day trial; you may have to use that voucher at certain outlets, where prices may be higher than elsewhere, negating that saving.



We though, at Pure North Norfolk Ltd, don't operate like that.


When we say free, we mean free.


Market appraisal? 


No-obligation and free.


Asking one of the team to assess your property to let? 




Prepare a brochure, photos and add it to our website, social media channels and portals?


Yes you've guessed it.




You only pay fees on property completion.



You may have noticed that we've added a new service to our home page too: free instant online valuation.


It does exactly that.


Let's talk you through it and how you can use it.


You're curious about your property value? 


You're not sure how much it could be worth?


You may be thinking of extending and be worried about exceeding the ceiling price of your property?


You may be thinking of upsizing, downsizing, relocating for various reasons?


Tap that banner then.


It's free, with no commitment.


The form that will pop up asks you to complete 9 fields and tick the terms box.


After a few seconds of magical whirring, your property is valued. 


This valuation has three figures: a lower, an online and an upper. 


Once noted, you can then decide whether to get a professional valuation from one of us at Pure North Norfolk in Fakenham by clicking the Book a Professional Valuation button below the map pinpointing your property or duly note and have curiosity sated and click away.


If you do Book a Professional Valuation, you get just that.


We respond to your request, come out to meet you and chat, agree a valuation point, with you as the real property expert.


Together we use our vast combined knowledge and experience of selling property around North Norfolk to pinpoint, just like the map did with the address, an appropriate price to pitch your property at, within those three figures from lower to upper.


We know how quickly property is selling, whether your property has any USPs, how it compares to others locally that have sold with us and other agents.


All that is professional and free to you.


Perhaps then there is such a thing as a free lunch?


Test out the free online valuation tool today.