Instant Valuation

That title is Saxon you know? Fakenham, with its 150 residents in 1086, means A Fair Place, or Place on a Fair River, and we at Pure North Norfolk are inclined to think this name origin rather undersells the town we serve and work in.

Fa - fair, ken - river, ham - hamlet. 

Makes sense really, with the Wensum wending through town.

Fakenham sometimes gets unwarranted negative media attention - not because of crime or poor quality of life, but because, out of context, it was described in a book as "the most boring place on earth". 

The author, Robert Woods in his Nowhere Guide, admits his visit was based on a Wednesday afternoon, in the 1990s, when Fakenham's shops close early - but it stuck.

Less reported though was Country Life's award to Fakenham of the 7th best town to live in Britain - and that we agree with.

So what's Fakenham got going for it?

A lot actually.

The town centre itself is attractive and has many amenities which often surprise visitors, including a cinema, serving a town of under 8,000.

House prices are similar if not slightly lower than Norwich, much lower than the north Norfolk honeypots, but relatively expensive compared with King's Lynn, Swaffham etc.

Its location is brilliant too - 19 miles to Cromer or King's Lynn and just 25 to the county capital of Norwich, repeatedly voted one of the best cities to live and work in across the UK.

In other words, Fakenham has lots to recommend it.

For families, there's highly regarded local primary and secondary schools; the countryside and coast of north Norfolk is stunning and on your doorstep and the locals are very warm and friendly. 

But we're one of the leading property management companies in Fakenham so it would be remiss to not look at house prices in more detail.

Fakenham's average price for sold property sits at £249,000.

There's clear differences though across the town, with semi-detached properties commanding an average of £185,000, terraced homes £159,000 which pegs it with nearby Melton Constable but means on average, as a town, it is cheaper than Walsingham (£304,000) and North Elmham (£252,000).

The Fakenham property market is vibrant too.

251 properties have sold in the last year, with property prices rising by 5.3% or £13,000 on average.

There are currently 103 properties listed for sale in Fakenham, with a healthy 58 of these under offer or SSTC, leaving only 45 available, spanning a broad price range from £62,000 up to £550,000, suiting all budgets.

Now is Fakenham boring?

Absolutely not.

We love working here and serving landlords, sellers and buyers in and around Fakenham.

The best bit bit is, we're open 6 days a week, including Wednesday afternoons, so pop in for a chat at any time.