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Tom Jones may be performing at Holkham Hall this summer (not Engelbert Humperdinck, his contemporary) so apologies for the deceptive title but we're going to talk lettings, not ballads.

We'll start off with a little known fact perhaps - did you know that lettings regulations first came onto the statute books in 1926? It might surprise you. What won't surprise you is that lettings has become more regulated in recent years than ever before, with various iterations of new housing laws.

We don't want to get bogged down in legal minutiae so we thought we'd outline the main points of lettings regulations in an easy to digest list, split into tenants and landlords:

  1. Tenants have a right to live in property that is in a good state of repair, including legal compliance with gas, electricity and fire regulations, which is making news nationally, with the appalling tragedy at Grenfell in Kensington.
  2. You have a right to know who your landlord is and live in the property undisturbed, as well as seeing an EPC for the accommodation.
  3. Have a fair tenancy agreement in place to protect you from unfair eviction and unfair rent hikes.
  4. When you start a tenancy in England your landlord or letting agent should provide you with a copy of this document.
  5. As well as rights, as a tenant, you have responsibilities too: take good care of the property, pay agreed rent and other charges like Council tax and utility bills, pay for repair of any damage caused by you or your family.

Landlords have their own legal responsibilities too:

  1. Ensuring gas safety is paramount with a check and maintenance by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
  2. Making sure electrical systems are safe, as well as provided appliances like kettles and ovens.
  3. The landlord must provide a smoke alarm on each storey, make sure furnitures and furnishing are fire safe and in HMOs provide extinguishers and fire alarms for added safety.
  4. Carry out repairs to the property internally and externally.
  5. Review rental charges as stated in the tenancy agreement.

This just touches upon ten landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities. 

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