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"The summer sun is fading as the year grows old,
And darker days are drawing near,
The winter winds will be much colder,
Now you're not here."

We know with temperatures still in the high teens, that winter is hardly close but there is a sense of summer ending and the cooler nights of autumn drawing in.


The team at Pure North Norfolk love this time of year as the golden russet leaves fall from deciduous trees and your garden goes into a sort of slumber.

September, October and November - that triumvirate of autumn months - don't have to cheerless though in terms of your home and garden.

Indeed with autumn and Easter being prime times to put your house on the market, we thought we'd look at ways of cheering up your garden as light diminishes and temperatures decrease.

Many trees are at their best this time of year when green turns to golden turns to brown as leaves lose a grip on branches. It's not just the big trees we see around north Norfolk that are spectacular now: smaller specimens like Acers (Japanese maples) and Hamamelis (witch hazels) can put on quite a show. The Rowan tree has a double trick up its sleeve, so to speak, with yellow foliage and red berries.

A small species of crab apple, like Malus Red Sentinel, takes some beating at this time of year too, with its glossy red fruits that will hang until January and can be picked to make crab apple jelly.

Evergreen shrubs can startle too at this time of year: species like Viburnum Tinus and Bodnantense Dawn put on a fragrant show from now till Spring. If your garden is in deep shade, over winter months, plants like Skimmias and Christmas Box are perfect near a dappled doorway with heady scents to greet visitors.

Perennials and tubers like chrysanthemums, asters and dahlias are great for September and October.

On the climbing front, honeysuckles last well into autumn and even the vast clematis species has a winter star: Clematis Cirrhosa, with its ornate, speckled flowers.

Garden centres, nurseries and supermarkets are now selling spring bulbs with now being a perfect time to plant daffodils, tulips, crocuses for when light increases and the mercury rises, after Christmas.

With care and planning, your garden can look good from September to August with the right combination of planting.

If you need any advice about making your garden work for you, all year round, or property management, contact this local independent estate agent in Fakenham today.