Instant Valuation

Cackle Lane, Vampire Road and Coffin Close are just three spooky street names from 30 across Britain. 

With Hallowe'en imminent, would a street name like this concern you?

It would appear that you'd not find any street name remotely concerning here in Fakenham. 

Toll Bar, Butchers Lane and Trap Lane are about the oddest locally, but none would make hairs stand up on the back of your neck, would they?

If there was a Bones or Broomstick Lane in Fakenham, or anywhere else in north Norfolk, would that put you off buying or letting there?

We ask, in all seriousness too.

Would a name like Cromwell Street, in Gloucester, alarm you, given that it was the residency of Fred and Rosemary West , so much so that 25 Cromwell Street had to be demolished due to the rise in macabre tourism there.

How important is a street name to you, regardless of associations, or is it irrelevant?

The most expensive street in Britain, with an average property price of £19.2 million is the grandly named Kensington Palace Gardens and yet the third most expensive address is the rather less grand Frognal Way in London.

In Fakenham, would you prefer mail to be delivered to Holt Road, or Norwich Road - which place to you has most prestige based on a name?

A quick glance at sold prices reveals locally that Orchard Close is one of the most expensive streets here, just off Norwich Road, along with Wells Road to the north west of the town.

It would seem there's no rhyme or reason to street names and prices as we quote from the Telegraph

"Bones Lane in Lingfield, Broomstick Lane in Tring and Crucifix Lane in Camberwell have had no house sales for the past year, with the latter only recording a single house sale in the last 10 years. Although house sales on spooky streets are less common, not all buyers are scared off by an eerie name.

Spook Hill in Dorking has had 33 house sales over the past 10 years, 74pc more sales than on Black Cat Drive, the next most popular street in terms of property sales."

Street names then seem to have no bearing on price or desirability - with our nearest (nearest is used loosely) being in Great Yarmouth, named "Bloodhills".