Instant Valuation

London house prices are falling down, falling down - to adapt the nursery rhyme - allegedly by £11,000 a year with a surfeit of sellers to buyers and there's capital gloom.

We are not seeing this in our pocket of north Norfolk at all but you still need to plan ahead to sell or let your home and here we share 10 quick property fixes:

  1. Look beyond your property. Some viewers "stake out" a property so it's important that your area, the street you live in, looks as inviting as possible. We don't mean you have to sort out neighbour's gardens but if you're house is for sale or let, five minutes picking up litter could make a difference if your area is affected with it. If there is no rubbish, look at pavement weeds, which are easy to pull out to make a road look better.
  2. Keep a lid on the budget. If you're thinking of selling, now is not the time to invest thousands in a new kitchen or bathroom. Extensive cleaning, new sealant in showers and baths can create instant appeal for very little outlay - except your time. 
  3. Be up front. pay attention to your front approach: the garden and the door. Make the front appealing. 
  4. Hallway. if viewers ring your doorbell, well done, Your property is priced and presented right but as they enter your home, the hallway may well be their first internal impression. Make it a positive one. Plenty of natural light, inviting aromas, clutter free are all things you should aim for. 
  5. Flowers. You don't have to go the whole hog to mine buyer psychology with bread baking and coffee (but they do smell delicious), a vase of seasonal flowers can create a positive image for viewers - and the scent helps with flowers like lilies. 
  6. Go all George Formby. We don't mean that you should learn the ukulele - but clean those windows inside and out and make George proud of you!
  7. Declutter. Not just the hall but the whole house. Buyers have to envisage that your house has sufficient space for their needs. If it's bursting at the seams with your family, you need to organise space. 
  8. Decorate. A neutral wall covering creates light and space - you may love the dark red tones of your dining room, but a view may not, so neutralising can make affordable sense.
  9. Plan ahead. You may not want to convert the loft or adapt an internal garage or extend a kitchen, but your buyers might. If you know this could be the case, you can obtain planning permission for such works and let the buyer decide. It normally incentivises people. 
  10. Choose the right estate agent. We will repeat and repeat this - the cheapest seat agent is not the one with the lowest free, but the one who gets the higher price for your property. Pure North Norfolk do just that, time and time again. We don't earn a penny until your property is let or sold, unlike may online agents who you pay upfront, regardless of whether you sell or not, meaning we are Uber-motivated to introduce viewers, chase offers and see your sale through to exchange and completion. 

Want to know more about how we can help you as a property seller or landlord? 

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