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Friday poetry.

TS Eliot.

"The Wasteland".

Pure North Norfolk have gone all cultured and highbrow?

Or have we?

Sometimes in estate agency, you get a property you want to buy.

You realise you've been called out to value and meet the owners, but your heart and head tells you as you are given a tour of a particular property that you want to buy it yourself.

Gwyn Crescent in Fakenham did that to us, and it does every time we look at the photos and description as this house is fantastic.

So what is so great about this property?

The mercury is rising, days are feeling longer and with clocks going forward at the end of March, you may be eagerly anticipating late spring and the heady days of summer.

Summer is many people's favourite season and it's easy to see why: daylight stretching from 4 am to 10pm and temperatures typically in the 20s with the occasional shower, typical of a British summer.

Look forward to it with a garden that you can be proud of on those long days by following our 5 simple tips below.


Holt, not far from our estate agency base in Fakenham, is one of our favourite towns and to answer the question in the title, lots go there, and rightly so.


In this week’s feature we’ll be taking a look at what Holt, and its sumptuous trove of Georgian properties, has to offer you


Brexit, the election of Trump, the continuing global political uncertainties, fake news ...

But what isn't uncertain or fake in the first months of 2017 is that property sales show no signs of abating locally or further afield.

Julia, at the end of 2016, was asked by the Home Owners' Alliance, to go all Mystic Meg and hold up a crystal ball to property prices in 2017.

She may have not been wide of the mark with her predictions of 5% growth in 2017.