Instant Valuation

Tie, check; shoes, check; face, check.

We've all been there before a first date or first interview (assuming you wear a tie), but do you make the same effort when selling your property, and not yourself?

You should and here's why ...



What are the best types of flooring to sell or let your home?


We thought we'd advise you on these issues today as opinions so often vary.


Let's start with a few questions though:


1 Are you looking to sell your home?

2 Are you looking to let your property?

3 How soon do you plan to sell or let?

4 Are you not looking to move but wanting to improve your home?


We can help you.


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In our latest blog post, we thought we’d look at the thorny issue of First Time Buyers.


North Norfolk is one of the most expensive parts of East Anglia with some postcodes around Burnham Market command average prices of around £1 million - now that’s not First Time Buyer territory but we do have properties for sale on our books in Fakenham which could fall into the First Time Buyer category.


Let’s consider first though - mortgages.



In this time of political and economic uncertainty fed by the repercussions of the US election and the Brexit results, we take a metaphorical looking glass to interest rates, as interest rates impact greatly on the property market confidence.

First though a question for you: if you're old enough or can ask someone, when did the Bank of England base interest rate reach its peak?

You may be wondering after Christmas has been packed away, whether now would be a good time to sell or let your property? You may be thinking about upsizing, downsizing or rightsizing? You may simply be musing over extensions or refurbishments?

These are the types of questions we often get asked by homeowners and they're ones we've answered many times, and, like many things in life, there's no definitive responses as circumstances vary so much.

What we can tell you absolute certainty though is that the nationally reported news of house price shortages is accurate here in Fakenham and across north Norfolk.

Properties tend to sell very quickly when they are marketed with us - we have powerful reach though with the website, portals and our five active social media pages.

There's other questions you need to think about before you decide to extend.